One Year of The Rekt Capital Newsletter

A special edition

One Year of The Rekt Capital Newsletter

A year ago, I launched the Rekt Capital Newsletter.

I started the newsletter because I wanted to share more long-form analysis on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies that was cutting-edge, unbiased, and level-headed.

In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over the past year of writing the newsletter.

Focus on what matters

When I launched my newsletter in early Q4 of last year, I didn’t focus on how little or how much my readership was growing for the first few months.

Because my main priority was instead to hone the process of writing a high-value newsletter. That is, my priority was to a) focus on delivering the best newsletter I could on the days I set out to write it and b) just get used to being in the habit of writing well-researched pieces frequently.

Because even then, a year ago, I knew that writing any quality newsletter requires great amounts of time and energy to produce. Great amounts of time and energy is simply the price you need to be willing to pay to try to consistently exceed the expectations of your readers. So the goal for me initially was to find ways to pay that price and find ways to simply learn to manage my energy accordingly.

Most importantly, I wanted to focus on what matters - and that’s producing content that was level-headed, important, and made a difference to investors.

Ultimately, my goal is to publish unbiased market analysis. And sometimes that might not be the popular thing to do because that might mean I will share analysis investors might not necessarily want to hear - but it’s what they need to hear.

It is well known within the Crypto community that bullish price predictions will generally perform best on Twitter or YouTube, but paradoxically the posts that are most honest about market conditions will perform best in my newsletter.

One year later, the Rekt Capital Newsletter is the #4 Crypto publication on Substack globally.

The support I’ve received from my readers has exceeded my wildest expectations and I’d like to think it is, at least in part, thanks to the core principles that the newsletter has been built on:

  • Level-headed research
  • Unbiased market analysis
  • Cutting-edge insights

The newsletter was created to be a place for people who want to better navigate the crypto markets with the help of cutting-edge crypto research and unbiased market analysis.

Things I’ve Learned

Reward your early readers.

When I first started the newsletter, I set the price for a monthly subscription at $5 a month.

This was the lowest possible figure I could set on Substack but I wanted to reward my most loyal followers and the readers who didn’t think twice to give the newsletter a chance when I first launched it.

Over the past year, the Rekt Capital Newsletter has seen a few price increases but I always make it clear that early-birds will always keep the price they got in at.

Time-sensitive content attracts new readership.

Simply because this is when investors need level-headed insights about the market the most. I try to be there for investors every step of the way because the Crypto market can be a turbulent and uncertain market to navigate. Especially in those crucial moments.

When writing a newsletter, I always try to put myself into the shoes of a Bitcoin investor. Specifically, what emotions could investors be experiencing during prevailing market conditions at the time.

And it’s really important to be able to speak to those emotions and share analysis that assuages them by offering level-headed guidance and insight on what is really going on in the market.

Churn is a part of the process.

When I first started the newsletter, it would strike me when people would sometimes unsubscribe shortly afterwards I’d published a new post I had spent hours working on.

But just like corrections in the market, churn is a natural part of the process. When someone sells Bitcoin, it’s not because they hate it or don’t find it valuable. Investors sell Bitcoin for a wide-variety of reasons.

In the same way that people churn from the newsletter for a wide-variety of reasons also. Sunshine and rain, light and dark, growth and churn. It’s all part of the process.

It’s important to find a balance between paid content and free content.

I truly believe that the insights I share in the newsletter would be of great value to any investor in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

And one of the best ways to grow a newsletter is to regularly share a free newsletter to your entire list to give casual readers a chance to sign up for your paid offering.

But I’ve often struggled to find that balance, often posting less free editions than I’d like in the interest of offering maximum value to my existing subscribers.

One crucial thing I’ve learned is to think differently about this and realise that by posting free editions you’re not taking away content from your paid subscribers.

Instead, free editions are the necessary baseline upon which the paid offering is built.

It’s important to extend an invitation to the free readers for them to have a chance to signup for insights that can truly make a difference to them.

Here are some of the newsletters that you enjoyed the most over the past year:

  • Stock to Flow Deviations Part 1 where I explore Bitcoin’s upside price deviations beyond the Stock to Flow line. These upside deviations have historically preceded Bitcoin Bull Market peaks. Here, I compare these deviations across cycles to better understand where Bitcoin could peak in its current Bull Market.
  • The Bitcoin Bull Market Resumes. Here, I shared my expectations for the second part of the Bitcoin cycle. I map out technical steps I expect to take place over time and why they play a vital role in confirming further parabolic upside for Bitcoin.
  • Crypto Money Flow Cycle which was one of the first newsletters I published. I explain how money flows in crypto and use the 2020 market cycles to showcase how to best time Bitcoin and Altcoin exposure.
  • Altcoin Newsletter #50 which is one of my most recent Altcoin-focused newsletters where I shared my thoughts and analysis on 10 different Altcoin charts, requested by valued members of the newsletter.
  • Bitcoin Bull Market Target - Explained where I discuss a wide-variety of Bitcoin-based price models including the Stock to Flow model, Four Year Cycle, and Halving-focused analysis in an effort to learn where Bitcoin could peak in this Bull Cycle.
  • Bitcoin Halving & The Months Ahead where I shared an in-depth analysis of historically recurring price tendencies that Bitcoin tends to showcase prior to and after its Halving event. I then use these historically recurring tendencies to try to better understand how Bitcoin could behave in this current market cycle.

If you like what you have read, feel free to consider signing up to the newsletter.

As Bitcoin enters the second, more parabolic phase of its cycle, it will undoubtedly be an exciting next few months and we will all need to keep a level-head in navigating this rollercoaster of a market.


Feel free to let me know what you enjoyed most over the past year in the newsletter and share ideas on what you’d like to see more of in year 2:

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