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The Crypto market is a rollercoaster.

Which is why its crucial to have access to unbiased, level-headed market insights.

That’s why I created the Rekt Capital newsletter. You’ll get a unique, in-depth perspective that really makes a difference to you as an investor in the Cryptocurrency market.

The Rekt Capital newsletter guides you through the noise and helps you focus on what’s important.

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Today, the Rekt Capital Newsletter is a Top Crypto Newsletter globally which is focused on providing cutting-edge research and level-headed market insights on Bitcoin and Altcoins.

The Rekt Capital Newsletter aims to guide and teach cryptocurrency traders and investors about the fundamentals, impact and importance of Technical Analysis.

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Monday Letter - Macro Research on Bitcoin
I share complex, cutting-edge research insights about Bitcoin in a simple, easy to understand format. The goal is to offer you a unique perspective and incredible value.

Wednesday Letter - My commentary on market indicators and metrics
My focus is to offer you down-to-Earth market commentary. I keep you up to date on Bitcoin and the Market Leaders as well as share a variety of useful indicators and metrics that will help you navigate the market effectively. My aim is to lend a helping hand in this exciting environment that is Crypto and guide you in the market every step of the way.

Friday Letter - Technical Analysis on your favorite cryptocurrencies
Every week, I encourage Subscribers to share their requests on which cryptocurrencies they’d like me to analyse for them. I then pool these requests and host an Altcoin Technical Analysis session where I share my in-depth thoughts on as many coins as I can.

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You will be able to access all past issues of the newsletter with in-depth technical analysis on Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Weekly TA request sessions
Premium subscribers can share their requests on any Altcoins and get my in-depth analysis and research every Friday. This is especially valuable if your portfolio includes some less popular coins and you want to get my opinion on their market performance.

Community of active traders and investors
As a Premium subscriber you will become a part of our Rekt Capital community and be eligible for posting comments, questions and TA requests.

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