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Save 63% On My Masterclass

Dear cryptocurrency trader and investor,

In all bear markets we had in the past I became bullish on education…

In this bear market I want to help you master crypto trading and investing.

My mission is to help you better navigate the cryptocurrency market with the help of technical analysis.

There are only 4 days left for you…

To get the most valuable offer I’ve ever made so far: The Rekt Capital Masterclass Bundle.

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Course #1: Altcoin Investing Course (worth $199)

A 9-module course for beginners and intermediate investors aimed at helping you better understand and navigate the Altcoin market and give you unique cutting-edge research that really makes a difference to you as an Altcoin trader and investor. Lifetime access.

Course #2: Bitcoin Investing Course (worth $199)

A 10-module course for beginner and intermediate traders helping you understand and navigate  Bitcoin Market Cycles as well as identify promising Bitcoin investing opportunities. Lifetime access.

Course #3: Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Course (worth $149)

A detailed 17-hour course for beginner and intermediate traders and investors to help you master 10+ TA tools, so you can easily navigate the market and spot trends and opportunities for your own trading. Lifetime access.

Course #4: Cryptocurrency Risk Management Course (worth $249)

An 10-module course for beginner and intermediate traders helping you develop your own risk management strategy with the stop loss, position sizing, hedging tools and more. Lifetime access.

FOUR different courses worth about $800 together.

All for just $299.

The quickest way to save yourself about $500 while stepping your game up as a trader and investor 🚀

Only 4 days left:

Here’s what other students are saying about these courses:

Here’s a preview of what to expect in the Bundle:

Not familiar with my work? Here are some of the publications I’ve been featured on:

Upon purchasing the bundle, you will unlock lifetime access to all courses and will be able to revisit them at any time.

By taking these courses, you can exponentially step up your game as an investor and trader. You will learn the essential fundamentals of crypto investing, which will massively assist you in the near future.

Get the Rekt Capital Masterclass Bundle today for $796  $299.

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