Post LUNA Crash - Bitcoin Price Prediction

Brand New, Exclusive Bitcoin TA Session

Dear Rekt Capital traders and investors,

During these current times of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty, it is important to think rationally.

It is my goal to share Technical Analysis that is unbiased, insightful, and realistic regardless of market conditions.

Which is why today, I would like to take away the emotionality of the markets for you in these hard times.

I’m sharing with you my brand new Technical Analysis Session ‘‘Post Luna Crash Price Prediction for BTC”.

In this 30-minute video, you can expect:

  • A deep-dive TA analysis on Bitcoin,
  • Review of key TA indicators & data-science metrics on a macro perspective,
  • My opinions and projections of the current market.

Click here to watch my TA session “Post Luna Crash Price Prediction for BTC

I am excited to continue bringing you more value and commentary through these deep dive TA sessions.

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing more in-depth TA sessions on cryptocurrencies with my Premium Members of the Newsletter regularly.

This Bitcoin Technical Analysis Session however will be free and available to everyone.

Click below to watch what’s next for Bitcoin:

~ Rekt Capital

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