How Much Lower Can Altcoins Go?

A comparison with previous corrective periods in the Altcoin market

How Much Lower Can Altcoins Go?

Before we start today’s newsletter, I’d like to make an announcement! 📣

Having survived multiple cycles, I know how difficult it can get to go through desperate times when the Fear & Greed Index reaches Extreme Fear levels.

My aim is to help investors better navigate the crypto markets with the help of cutting-edge crypto research and unbiased market analysis.

Which is why…

I’ve decided to do an exclusive, in-depth technical analysis video on Bitcoin and share it with you.

Tomorrow, 19th of May 2022, I will release my new TA Session ‘Post Luna Crash Price Prediction for BTC’

A fancy way of saying a 30-minute deep dive into the price action of Bitcoin, looking at a wide-variety of indicators and data-science metrics from a macro perspective.

In this video session, I will walk you through my level-headed analysis on Bitcoin and share my opinions on what I think could happen going forward.

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Bitcoin - The 200 MA

For the sake of discourse in today’s newsletter, let’s assume Bitcoin will bottom at the 200 MA.

After all - previous Bear Market bottoms have formed there in the past:

If BTC were to form another Bear Market bottom at the blue 200 MA, then BTC needs to drop another -25% at least.

I say at least, because downside deviations in price below the 200 MA sometimes occur, as seen in the 2015 accumulation period of March 2020 for a more recent example.

So if BTC is to drop at least another -25%, how will Altcoins react?

This newsletter will focus on giving a better idea of what to expect when it comes to Altcoins reacting to that kind of downside in BTC.

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