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Features analysis on 6 Altcoins: WOO COTI UNI MATIC BAND VET

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Let's dive into today's Altcoin Watchlist.

In today’s edition of the Rekt Capital Newsletter, the following cryptocurrencies will be analysed & discussed:

  • Woo Network (WOO)
  • Coti (COTI)
  • UniSwap (UNI)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Band Protocol (BAND)
  • VeChain (VET)

Let’s dive in.

Woo Network - WOO/USDT

Last week in the Altcoin Watchlist, we discussed a crucial retest for WOO:

And here's today's update:

WOO has rallied +29% to the upside after successfully retesting in picture-perfect manner the orange level as support, following the red path well.

What's next for WOO?

WOO has had a hard time at reclaiming the red $0.26 level in recent months (yellow circles).

So for WOO to rally higher now, it would need to retest the red level as support as well, to enable a move to the green resistance above.

WOO is on the cusp of yet another crucial retest but this time enjoying the luxury of being up +29% since last week's Altcoin Watchlist.


We've been covering COTI for a few weeks now, starting with the crucial Monthly Close in November:

Followed by last week's analysis indicating a post-Monthly-Close retest attempt of the top of the green box:

And finally today's update:

COTI has rallied over +20% since successfully retesting the top of the green historical demand area and is now on its way to the very top of the red Channel it finds itself in currently.

The red Macro Diagonal above is the key resistance to break for COTI to enter a much more sizeable run-up.

However, for the time being the red Macro Diagonal needs to first be revisited.

That being said - COTI is on the right track.

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