Bitcoin - The Last Bargain Buying Opportunity

Analysis of Bitcoin's final bargain-buying opportunity

The Post-Halving Period Begins

The Bitcoin Halving has occurred and history has been made.

But history also repeated in the sense that Bitcoin experienced a Pre-Halving Retrace around and before the Halving event itself (orange circle).

But it's important to not lose sight of the bigger picture where this dip enables the Parabolic Phase of the cycle that lays ahead.

Granted, it may take a while for this Parabolic Phase to really take-off.

Anytime BTC has experienced a dip around the Halving, a lengthy consolidation period would follow.

But it would be this consolidation phase that would enable a future breakout into the Parabolic Phase of the cycle.

Essentially, this consolidation phase represents the last bargain-buying opportunity for Bitcoin before it enters the phase of the cycle where it makes the most gains.

But it's not just dipping around the Halving that tends to occur.

Dips also occur whenever old All Time Highs are revisited:

And it's interesting to see the confluence in this current dip in the market occur both around the Halving and around old All Time Highs (green circle).

And it's during this green circle that BTC tends to produce consolidation periods but periods that inevitably enable to next breakout into new All Time Highs and beyond.

Going forward, it will be a test of patience and hold strength to make sure one doesn't capitulate, unnecessarily rotate BTC profits elsewhere, or overtrade this period etc.

The goal now is to hold but also dollar-cost-average during this last bargain-buying opportunity.

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