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The Rekt Capital Newsletter officially begins on October 12th.

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Rekt Capital’s Research

Cutting-edge, insightful, macro research about Crypto. Checkout any of the articles below to gain a flavour of what type of article I’m aiming to produce for you on a weekly basis:

Market Analysis
Every week, I’ll share an in-depth market analysis on Bitcoin and the market leaders along with a few promising Altcoin charts that are of interest to me. No hyperbole. No fluff. Only succinct down-to-Earth analysis.

Trading Intangibles
On Fridays, we’ll begin the first multi-week instructional series that you can follow to increase your knowledge about Risk Management. Every week, I’ll share practical tips on this topic so that you can apply these concepts to your trading/investing and notice tangibles benefits from doing so.

Private TA Request Sessions
As a Subscriber, you’ll have exclusive access to private TA sessions where I’d cover a wide variety of coins suggested by you. Here’s an example of what these TA request sessions would look like.

If you sign up, you’ll get all of this content at the top of your inbox three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - all at an early-bird discount of less than 0.50 cents per newsletter.

The first release goes out on Monday October 12th. Hope to see you there.

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