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Hello and Welcome

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Macro Research
I’m dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge insights about the crypto market. Which is why I’ll be sharing with you complex macro research in an simple, easy to understand format. Whether that’s insights about Bitcoin’s historically recurring price tendencies or Market Cycle analysis on Ethereum - the goal is to offer you a unique perspective and incredible value.

Market Analysis
The Crypto markets can be an emotional rollercoaster. My focus is to offer you down-to-Earth market commentary. Only objective price analysis and no hyperbole. I will keep you up to date on Bitcoin and the Market Leaders as well as share a variety of useful indicators and metrics that could help you navigate the market effectively. My aim is to lend a helping hand in this exciting environment that is Crypto and guide you in the market every step of the way.

Trading Intangibles
In this newsletter I will share with you all the necessary tools you need to excel in the Cryptocurrency market. This ranges from educational resources about Technical Analysis to posts about Psychology and Data Science, to multi-week instructional series that you can follow to increase your knowledge about Risk Management. Learning about these intangibles will compound into expertise over time.

Technical Analysis Sessions
Every week, I will encourage Subscribers to share their requests in the comments on which cryptocurrencies they’d like me to analyse for them. I will then pool these requests and create a Technical Analysis session where I will share my in-depth thoughts on as many coins as I can.

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