Bitcoin - The "Pre-Halving Rally" Phase Begins

The Pre Halving Rally Phase - Deep Breakdown & Analysis

The Pre-Halving Rally Has Begun

Last week we spoke about how the Pre-Halving Downside phase was coming a close and that the transition to the Pre-Halving Rally phase was slowly occurring.

Bitcoin broke out, slightly ahead of schedule, mere days before the Pre-Halving Rally was anticipated to occur.

Nonetheless, the Pre-Halving Rally has been confirmed with the newest Weekly Close.

The Pre-Halving Downside phase is over.

The Pre-Halving Rally has just begun.

Bitcoin Breaks Out From its Weekly Range

Last week we spoke about Bitcoin's Weekly Range:

And how Bitcoin was showcasing promising signs in breaking its RSI Downtrend to invalidate the Bearish Divergence:

And how price was compressing in between these two key trend lines:

And we now know that these were all signs of an impending breakout rally for Bitcoin, just in time to commence the Pre-Halving Rally phase:

Bitcoin has broken out of the Weekly Range and into uptrend continuation.

Generally, this cycle has been a story of Accumulation and Re-Accumulation Ranges (green Range Lows and red Range Highs):

With Bitcoin now in a new uptrend, let's now try to understand where could the dipping zones be, should any even occur.

Potential Dipping Zones

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