Bitcoin - What To Expect In Price Discovery?

Bitcoin investing strategies in Price Discovery

Bitcoin is showcasing signs of an Accelerated Cycle.

In past cycles, it would take Bitcoin 215 days after the Halving to breakout to new All Time Highs.

However in this cycle, BTC has broken to new All Time Highs some 45 days before the Halving.

As a result, one may assume that Bitcoin is accelerating by approx. 260 days (215+45).

And because price has broken to new All Time Highs in the Pre-Halving period, this goes against the historical 518-546 days after the Halving to reach the Bull Market Peak:

Essentially, it's as if Bitcoin is cutting the 518-546 post-halving rally length in half, given its potential 260-day acceleration.

Un this chart, the Halving is the reference point but with this recent breakout to new All Time Highs, Bitcoin has shown that perhaps it would be better to simply use old All Time Highs as a reference point:

Thus, historically it has taken Bitcoin 266-315 days after breaking old All Time Highs to rally to its Bull Market Top in the respective cycle.

Whenever Bitcoin breaks its old All Time Highs resistance, Bitcoin tends to rally 266-315 days before performing its Bull Market Peak.

If this 266-315 day period were to repeat, then Bitcoin could peak in early December 2024 or late January 2025.

But many things tend to occur between "old All Time High breakout" to "Bull Market Peak"

So what can we expect beyond old All Time Highs for BTC?

This newsletter will focus on just that, with practical insights on how to make the most of the trend until inevitably that Bull Market Peak is reached.

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